Cuba Travel Form 

My role: Interaction Architect

Tools: Axure, Adobe Illustrator 


Traveling to Cuba is opening up and United Airlines wants to be one of the first airlines to offer direct flights from the U.S. to Cuba. With the embargo still in place travelers to Cuba must certify their reason for travel under one of the 12 approved categories. 


Add a simple form to the booking and check-in paths that communicates the legal requirements of traveling to Cuba and collects the reason for travel. 


This project combined the needs of business, legal and the user. I began with attending all the preliminary legal requirement meetings, this provided me with an understanding of the legal implications of the form and how many channels in the organization it would touch. United  was required to show information and collect a reason for travel from every passenger traveling to Cuba, this reason would then be stored for 5 years. 

My next step was to look at what was currently on the market, JetBlue and American Airlines were already offering chartered flights to Cuba. As part of my research I also read  news sources and blogs to see how travel to Cuba was being advertised. I wanted to know who would be traveling to Cuba, what their expectations would be and what their knowledge of the restrictions was. I found that Cuba is viewed as an exotic location and with high tourist potential for this reason I needed to make a lot of legal information easily digestible.


I went through multiple iterations of wireframes with my team. With content still being discussed I made wireframes to show how the content could be displayed and interacted with. This helped the team see the need to sparse the information and allowed us to view it across multiple channels.